Thursday, 21 February 2013

Up-cycling to a 1940's dress

Well the date of 17th March (when all modern clothes are going away) is drawing close. Currently i will be wearing one dress and a slip. However i got my sewing machine back today. I have two dresses cut out on my floor and more patterns arriving every day now. Today my Apron pattern arrived.

So I went into town yesterday to go to the Thrift stores. I bought two sheets for $2 each so i can make the Aprons. Here are the sheets and the pattern...

Cheep Sheets for Fabric and Apron Pattern

I also bought a dress for $2. I am going to cut it up and re-create it. It is a button down the front and not too far off being appropriate for the 40's. Just needs some adjustments.

I got some ribbon to help decorate it. I will cut off the skirt about the middle knee. I will put a trim (caramel) around the neckline to help give it a bit more stability. The trim will go around the sleeves and help make the fabric belt (yes i can't wear that black one :-)

I am going to use the spare fabric from the skirt to make pockets for the front. I will trim the top of these pockets with the ribbon.

Here is my hair after it came out of the curlers this morning, i have the dress on to show what it looks like. I also got a $3 olive green handbag to go with it from the same store. VERY HAPPY.

So I figure that it won't take long to turn this into an appropriate dress. It also will just pass my "handmade" rule as i have to unpick and resew the dress and adding pockets and trims and things.

Anyway best get on with sewing!


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  1. Wish I could sew... 40s vintage in real good shape is hard to find.


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