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Pattern Review "Jenny Dress" by Sis Boom Patterns


Pattern Review: Jenny Dress by Sis Boom Patterns

Level = Intermediate 


Instruction = Great

Comfort to wear = Very comfortable for a fitted cotton dress.

Make again = Staple wardrobe pattern for sure!!!!

Pattern: "Jenny Dress"

Designer: Sis Boom Patterns ( CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PATTERN )

Fabric: Cheap decorator cotton from Spotlight (Australian) a stash zip and a small piece of quilting cotton for the purple front band. The cotton is quite thin and flows very nicely almost like rayon (though not)

Time to sew: no idea but it took a couple of evenings to cut and sew because i was distracted watching The Handmaids Tale at the same time

Well this is going to be one of my staple patterns for sure. I love it. Its perfect. The only pattern adjustment i will make next time is to take 1cm more off the shoulder seams as i have sloping shoulders. But that is unheard of that i make so little adjustments.

The pattern itself:
The bust shaping with the cup sizes was perfect. The suggested size cam out perfect. eveything was amazing. I used between 2.5 - 3m of fabric for the dress and the cut of the skirt means that if you have 10cm less or something you will probably be ok. Or you could make some of the bodice pieces out of a contrast fabric like i did.the pattern came together very well. The markings were excellent. At no point in construction was i confused about where i was to place patterns. The ONLY thing i whoopsied on was accidentally sewing both side seams. I'm so used to this and the pattern didn't remind me of this till after i had sewn them. However i was sewing at 11:00 pm to wear the next morning so that could be user error... lol

The most difficult bit was the gathering to the waistband to get it even and neat and this is the reason i think Intermediate pattern. It required a bit of pushing to get right, but VERY clear on the dress where this was needed. Also the 7 pieces in the bodice might be a bit much for a newbie, and then there is the zip. However i love side zips. SO much easier to get in and out of with a sore shoulder. Not as forgiving if you get the size wrong however. But this didn't worry me as the sizing was perfect to start with.

I was slightly confused with the waist band bit as its a different construction for me. But i made it up i think. Personally made so many dresses that after i saw the rough sewing guidelines i went with it. Also again i had had 3 glasses of champagne when sewing and it was 11:00pm :-) so the dress MUST be easy to sew!!!

wow - yep.... i'm fussy its perfect. i love the fitted waistband and loose flowy top going into it. Gives it structure and shape but not constricting... i can eat a huge meal and not feel uncomfortable :-)

Overall score 10/10 Seriously i love the fit and the pattern.

Back View: Jenny Dress by Sis Boom Patterns

The back gathers into the waistband. I love how it feels fitted up top then fitted again at the band. Very very comfortable to wear.

Sis Boom Jenny Dress

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